ancillary services

Ancillary Services

Customers of Chicago Title have access to a wide variety of ancillary services offered by FNF companies and partners. Below are some of the value-added services available to you.

IPX1031 Exchange Services
IPX1031 specializes in every type of exchange transaction and provides Qualified Intermediary services through its broad nationwide network of regional offices.

UCC Plus
UCCPlus provides valuable insurance coverage to lenders funding: mezzanine financing, asset-based loans, mixed collateral transactions, loan workouts, loan portfolios and securitizations, mergers and acquisitions. It insures commercial loans secured by non-real estate assets for validity, enforceability, attachment, perfection and priority, and includes “GAP” coverage.

Disclosure Source
Natural hazard, environmental, tax and flood disclosure reports.

Inspection & Consulting
National property inspection services, consulting, and corporate radon protection programs.

National Due Diligance Services
A Division of American Surveying and Mapping Inc.

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